Writing / World Trip

Documenting the process of travelling the world with my family fo a year post pandemic.

100 days before daily vlog

So in 4 sleeps I am starting a daily vlog all about how do you plan a trip around the world with your family, these daily videos will be short and to the point.

19 April 2021

Logistics of travel post-ish pandemic

Travelling around the world takes a lot of planning, but during and post-global pandemic makes it a little more complicated. We have four months to go before we leave, and it is time to start booking stuff.

04 April 2021

Working as you travel the world

Travelling for a year with my family opens up the question of working as you travel. So my intention when we started to plan this trip...

22 February 2021

Schooling as you travel the world

One big part of this trip will be schooling our two children. I wanted to share some approaches and research I have done about how we plan to do this.

08 February 2021