World Trip

Documenting the process of travelling the world with my family fo a year post pandemic.

45 days to change your life

Today is the second day (it took until day 12 to finish writing this post) of our world trip, and what a ride it has been to get to this point. We have always wanted to make this trip and it has taken over the last five years to get there but, now here we are, it is happening!

12 August 2021

100 days before daily vlog

So in 4 sleeps I am starting a daily vlog all about how do you plan a trip around the world with your family, these daily videos will be short and to the point.

19 April 2021

Logistics of travel post-ish pandemic

Travelling around the world takes a lot of planning, but during and post-global pandemic makes it a little more complicated. We have four months to go before we leave, and it is time to start booking stuff.

04 April 2021


Thoughts, insights and rants about cutting edge technology from around the world.

The nuclear winter of voice technology

I love voice and conversational technology and think it will transform how we live, but we are in a period of frustration. Can we end the nuclear winter of voice?

28 February 2021


Today I am launching a training programme for .NET development teams who want to build mobile applications for iOS and Android.

26 February 2021


Sharing the ups and downs of creating, launching and iterating a product along with some random ideas.

Escape Room Companion - Random Ideas

What if you could run your own escape room at home with the storyline, props, visual and audible cues all taken care for you.

19 February 2021

Remote Book Club - Random Ideas

Many of these online groups have started to create events around a "thing", one area is book clubs that are held of services like Zoom.

19 February 2021

People Board - Random Ideas

People are sending CVs out and updating LinkedIn profiles but let’s be honest that stuff doesn’t always work, it's your network that gives you your best chance to get quick employment.

19 February 2021